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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Itazura na KissイタズラなKiss Screen Caps

Episode 1 Fate’s Prank
The anime opens with Aihara Kotoko pronouncement that “Each girl is born to meet her own destined one”. As Kotoko and Irie Naoki stand before the minster reciting their vows, then kiss. Just then Kotoko comes back to reality, and double checks the confession letter she’s writing to Irie, she thinks it’s perfect. The following day as she tries to present the letter to Irie he refuses to accept it. Then as she walks down the school corridor her classmates whisper to each other about her rejection and the nerve that a class F student would even consider a confession to the top student and athlete in the school. Finally after she can’t handle the muttering any longer, she yells at them all and runs back to her class. Where her two friends try to console her, but assert that it was a reckless thing to do. However she’s had feelings for Irie ever since the freshman opening ceremony, when he delivered the greeting speech. The geek she imagined turned into her own cool prince.

I’ve been looking forward to watching this since I heard it was being produced; I really enjoyed the 1996 Japanese drama and posted about it last December. The anime is based on the 23 volume manga left unfinished because of the mangka’s death but that hasn’t stopped it from being adapted into a Japanese drama and also two Taiwanese dramas which I still haven’t watched but finally have downloaded and someday hope to get a chance to see. The anime opens with a fantasized kiss, the drama opens with an accidental kiss as Kotoko rushed through the hallway but most of the rest of this first episode followed pretty closely with the events in the drama's first episode, with some minor details changed like an earthquake in place of a fire. If the rest of the anime is as good as the opening episode and the complete drama was I’d highly recommend this to fans of romantic comedies like Nodame Cantabile , School Rumble or Love Com.

Download the first English hardsub bit torrent file here.

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