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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva 仮面ライダーキバ Ep.10 Screen Caps

Episode 10 Dance of Swords | Melody of Glass
Nago uses the IXA device to transform, and begins fighting the Fangire, but Wataru leaps in front of the Fangire to block Nago’s attack. Nago stops the attack and Wataru tells the Fangire to run. Then turns to Nago bows and repeats over and over that he’s sorry. The scene switches to 1986 Otoya is telling Yuri that Jiro is a monster. Yuri doesn’t believe him, and accuses him of being jealous because he wasn’t allowed to join the Aozora Organization. Otoya tells her he’s not lying but Yuri tells him that Jiro has saved her from the Fangire many times. Just then Jiro enters the café and Otoya accuses him of being a monster, and wants to know if Jiro plans to eat them. Then the scene shifts to 2008 where Wataru tells Oomura that he doesn’t think of him as a Fangire.

I really liked this episode because we’re starting to learn a little more about the Fangire. Up till now it seemed that as soon as a Fangire would be revealed, everyone would try and destroy it. But this episode Wataru actively protects a Fangire who’s bound by a promise not to attack humans. Loved the scene when Otoya got hit in the face with the ketchup, and nobody would believe him that Jiro was a monster because he’s a Onyanko fan.

Download the first 13 English hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon bit torrent tracker here, screen caps of the previous episodes are here.

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