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Friday, April 04, 2008

Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai 佐々木夫妻の仁義なき戦い Ep. 8 Screen Caps

Norimichi played by Inagaki Goro (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, SMAPxSMAP) and Ritsuko played by Koyuki (Antique, Kimi wa Pet) have reconciled in their divorce proceedings, where Norimichi promises Ritsuko that he’ll never betray her. When they get out in front of the building, Ritsuko tells him that she’s looking forward to their future together and extends a hand to Norimichi. He declines, but then smiles and tells her he was only kidding. They shake but Ritsuko worries that Norimichi may have a hidden agenda. At first her fears are mostly allayed by the care that Norimichi shows her both at home and at work. At the birthing classes Norimichi is often more attentive then Ritsuko, when she confronts him at work about stealing her clients he assures her he just wants her to rest and do the job that only she can do, give birth to a healthy baby. He’ll take of other jobs that he can help with. However nicer he is to her the more anxious she becomes, and because of the remark she made to Inoki played by Furuta Arata (Saito-san, Tokyo Friends) she has no one to call on for advice.

I don’t want to spoil the episode for anyone who hasn’t seen it but let me just say that I came to hate a character this week due to their actions and anyone for who’s seen the episode I believe that character get’s their just desserts at the end. That said I really enjoyed the episode while there was little comedy the drama definitely made up for it. Only two episodes to go in this series, I really interested to see how it turns out.

Download the RAW video bit torrent files here, the soft subs for the first eight episodes here. Screen shots of the first seven episodes here.

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