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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ultraseven X ウルトラセブン エックス Screen Caps

Episode 1 Dream
The camara opens on a shot of water and sky reversed, a man appears to be asleep and floating a few meters below the surface, he’s dreaming of a woman in a white dress silhouetted by the light streaming in from a window. He wakes in a stark white room, finds a laser gun in his pocket opens a window to a night sky, in a futurist Tokyo, floating video screens display government announcements about health and safety and news. One of the stories is regarding some trespassing aliens that have been arrested, one of the announcer’s states that all the “evil aliens” have been arrested. The man who’d been asleep wonders where he is, he feels a presence in the room and turns to see a woman dressed in white, he asks “Who Am I”. She replies it’s them “Run”, she hands him a pair of glasses, flips a switch on his wristwatch and sets it to antigravity. When he asks again, “Who Am I” instead of answering she tells him, “I want you to save this world. Just believe in me.” She pushes him towards the open window and he jumps from the high-rise, hurtling towards the ground, where he makes a perfect landing. He takes the car, using the automatic navigation feature, he’s in another bedroom, and this appears more lived in then the last but it’s devoid of personal effects. One of the floating signs reports an explosion claiming it was just a gas leak and has been contained. Just then the wrist watch speaks informing the man that Agent Jin is needed for a new mission. He proceeds to a bar where he meets Kei, the agent he’s to work with on the mission.

Floating billboards and dreams as I started to watch reminded immediately of Blade Runner the noir science fiction masterpiece by Riddley Scott. The fact that Jin, doesn’t know who he is aids the comparison as Blade Runner which was very much about personal identity as well.

This tokusatsu first aired last October and runs for only 12 episodes, according to Wikipedia this is the first Ultra series to be aimed at an exclusively adult audience, it aired at 2 O’clock in the morning. I’ve seen the first nine episodes and aside from the slightly more realistic violence and more mature storyline, I’d say this show is for anyone and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Garo, Kamen Rider Kabuto or even the drama Long Love Letter or any science fiction fans in fact scifi fans may enjoy this more then tokusatu fans as the series concentrates more on the story then on the fights.

Download the entire toku from the TV-Nihon tracker here.

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