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Saturday, April 19, 2008

xxxHolic Kei xxxHOLiC◆継 Screen Caps

Episode 1 Spider`s Web
Watanuki’s left eye has a clear view of Himawari walking to school, he yells to her and she turns and smiles. He awakes to find it was only a dream, first angry then happy because he saw Himawari in his dreams, so he believes that he’ll have a good day. The twins come in and chant breakfast, breakfast to get him up. Yuko is watching TV as she eats her breakfast, a story about a spiritual seeker, but Watanuki switches off the TV and telling her she shouldn’t watch TV while having her meals, and because he wants to tell her about his dream of Himawari. Yuko tells him again that Himawari isn’t lucky for him. But he replies that just by seeing her he overflows with happiness. Yuko wonders aloud if Himawari feels the same way. Then she asks for saki, but Watanuki’s mad and refuses her. On his way to school he greeted by his nemesis Domeki as he passes by his temple, and dragged in to help with the cleaning.

I loved the first season of xxxHolic and the first two episodes of this current season are as good as those so if you’re a fan of the first season I’m pretty sure you’ll like this or a Kitaro fan. It’s got a nice connected storyline and interesting characters, it quickly changes from comedy to creepiness and back again and never seemed forced. The little touches are terrific as well, like when Yuko’s watching TV about the psychic the two twins are hugging each other in terror in the background, even though they work for a witch and see creepy all the time.

Download the first two English hardsub episodes here.

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Blogger G2 said...

one of the best anime series ever and unlike others, you can watch it again and again and continue to find it amusing

4/20/2008 09:51:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@G2one of the best anime series ever

I agree, episode 3 was released this morning and it's even better then the first 2 episodes

4/20/2008 10:51:00 AM  
Blogger G2 said...

Yeah I just finished watching episode 3. We don't just belong to ourselves. We're somehow all interconnected. I just realize that too.

4/20/2008 02:57:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@G2We're somehow all interconnected.

Clamp's using this manga to tie much of their world together with the different crossovers.

4/21/2008 01:37:00 PM  

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