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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Battery バッテリー Ep1 Screen Shots

The drama opens with a baseball flashback interlaced with a boy rushing through the town streets on his bike, he knocks over a man carrying flour and then clips a fruit stand sending oranges tumbling into the street. The boy riding the bike and causing the havoc is Nagakura Gou played by Takada Sho he’s the son of Nagakura medical and he’s excited that his idol pitcher is coming to live in Nitta City. Harada Takumi played by Nakayama Yuma is with his younger brother, Seiha and parents on a mountain overlooking the town. Takumi makes a snowball and throws, it flies all the way to Nitta where it drops onto Gou’s head. The Harada’s arrive at their new home, where they’ll be living with their grandfather, a legendry baseball coach. Takumi ask his grandfather to teach him to throw a curve and forkball, but his grandfather tells him that his fastball is enough. Takumi goes out for a run followed by Gou who meets up with him at a temple and introduces himself.

This was the second baseball drama that I’ve seen this past weekend, first having watched Rookies and then this. This has a lot more baseball than the first episode of Rookies but still it centered more on introducing the characters, the unapproachable star pitcher and the easy going catcher who dreams of being able to catch for his hero. There’s some this could only happen in manga stuff like the snowball that flew for miles and when Takumi gets serious about his pitching a heat shimmer surrounds his body, but the main story I believe is going to be the friendship that develops between Takumi and Gou. I enjoyed this first episode and plan to watch some more. So far it seems like a mix of Ace Wo Nerae with Joou no Kyoushitsu.

Download the English Hardsub by Mistral fansubs from the tracker here.

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