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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hachi-One Diver ハチワンダイバー Screen Caps

This is a show I really wanted to watch it has shogi, Akihabara, and maids what’s not to like. I downloaded the RAW the other day and watched it and from just watching the RAW I figured out that the main character was a good shogi player who was used to winning at his local shogi parlor, but after beating a man he’s guided to another shogi parlor in Akihabara where he plays a girl who beats him, and it drives him crazy. Then for some reason, a maid shows up at his apartment and to his and her surprise it’s the same girl that’d beaten him and he gets her to play him again, losing again. I won’t say anymore about the plot because that’s about the first half of the 36 minute episode.

I was surprised when I checked for subs yesterday and found Japanese subs for the series posted and with no group stating that they’ll be subbing it, I ran the Japanese subs through the Google translator and this is the result. I now know the main characters name Sugata Kentaro and the guy he beat in the opening match, I now think he lost on purpose to lure him to the Akihabara parlor. Kentaro’s never lost a match, but has won 182 times and was studying to be a pro shogi player but now gambles on shogi to meet his living expenses. He keeps all the money he wins in a can in his apartment, when the maid shows up he stakes this money for a game. She agrees and he loses everything he has except for 7 yen. I still have no idea why the maid shows up or even why she’s a maid as she obviously wins more money at shogi then Kentaro.

Just as I was going to post this, new subs have been released by burento5 and they are a huge improvement over the machine made subs. Just for a quick example, I had no idea why a maid showed up at his door with the google subs, these explain clearly why she showed up. The guy he lost too in the first game didn't lose on purpose to Kentaro, he was giving him advice on how not to scare away opponents.

The shows two main characters are Mizobata Junpei (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Seito Shokun!) as Sugata Kentaro and Naka Riisa (Jodan ja nai!, My Boss My Hero) as Nakashizu Soyo. If you liked the anime Hikaru no Go give this show a try, I loved that anime and it's one of the reasons I wanted to see this drama.

Download the RAW video bit torrent file here, get real subs released by burento5 not machine made here.

Update 5/9 burento5 has posted a Translated Interview with Soyo ("Akihabara's Champion")/Miruku (Maid) Nakashizu's Role played by Riisa Naka at the same link used for the subs. Here.

Screen Shots of the Google Translated Subs
burento5's subs are 1000x better then these, but I'd already uploaded these to the server.

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Blogger Quy said...

I just watched this with the good subs and I was thinking, maybe i should learn shogi so i could understand some of the lingo that they use. Well, i havent really decided if i would watch the rest of the drama, since I'm already watching like 4. To be honest, i didn't really like the main characters acting. It just wasn't believable.

5/09/2008 12:31:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@quy To be honest, i didn't really like the main characters acting. It just wasn't believable.

I thought Naka Riisa was better then Mizobata Junpei but she has more experience and her kinda of dual character gives her a lot more range to work with. Junpei's kinda tortured character was pretty one dimensional, going from cocky gambler to devastated loser in the first 15 minutes of the episode. Hopefully it'll get better as the drama goes along.

5/10/2008 08:28:00 AM  
Blogger Quy said...

Oh yea i meant to say "main character's acting". I didnt mind Riisa's acting, if anything, shes the only reason i'm thinking of watching the next episode for. =)

5/10/2008 02:18:00 PM  

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