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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Keitai Sousakan 7 ケータイ捜査官7 Ep2 Screen Caps

Episode 2 Black Cellphone
This episode begins with a recap of the first, Amishima is a first year high school student who is running away from home to meet his friend and presumably commit suicide on Mount Fuji because he’s bored with his miserable life. But on the way he gets into an accident and is attacked by a robotic backhoe. Then he’s saved by Anchor Agent Takimoto Sousuke and his buddy Keitai Seven another robot, actually a walking talking cellhone robot. Takimoto is injured saving Amishima so when another attack occurs Amishima responds together with Seven, they try their best against Zero-one. Later Takimoto dies, now Seven is with Amishima and wakes him up hounding him to get ready for school and then to go to the Anchor Agent Headquarters for training and tests. Seven tells him he’s not yet a buddy, he’s still a trainee. Back at Anchor Headquarters Asano Touko has just arrived and gets into an argument with Agent Kirihara over the fitness of Amishima as an Agent, but Kirihara’s cellphone Third apologizes for Kirihara’s shortcomings promising to look out for them in the future. Another agent Mimasaka Chigusa ends the debate, saying that it’s the boss’s decision. Meanwhile Amishima is having an argument with Seven who’s sent email to his phone. When a classmate wants to know why he’s arguing with a phone.

The first episode was filled with lots of action and cyberpunk hacking this episode is more introductory and also a lot funnier. For example Kirihara’s cellphone bowing and apologizing to Asano, Seven and Amishima running argument throughout the episode, the dancing Seeker, and the combining of Seeker and Seven with a transformation pose thrown in for good measure and Amishima sarcastic remark. I’d definitely recommend this show to fans of toku like Kamen Rider Den-O or Cutie Honey.

Download the first two episodes, English hardsub release by Order of Zeronos fansub group here. Direct Download links can be found here. Screen Shots of Episode 1 are here.

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