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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Osen おせん Ep.1 Screen Shots

The drama opens with an English voiceover narration about the bounty and variety of restaurants and convenience foods in modern Japan, but then a traditional restaurant, Isshouan is featured where they do things the old-fashioned way, nothing is quick and convenient. Will it fall as a casualty to the modern world? The woman in charge of the restaurant, Handa Sen played by Aoi Yu (Hula Girl, Hana and Alice), although young her breed seems to have almost vanished. The scene switches to a fashionable restaurant where a waiter, Ezaki Yoshio played by Uchi Hiroki (Ganbatte Ikimasshoi), flambé a dish, igniting it off the tip of a samurai sword then when he returns to the kitchen is scolded by the manager who entreats him to be more ostentatious in his delivery to the patrons. Yoshio protests, claiming to have been cooking since he was a pre-schooler he declares that this isn’t real cooking. The manager tells him to just follow the manual and be flashier, that’s what has made the company the success that it is today. Yoshio tells him he doesn’t want to be influenced by the times and quits, declaring that he’ll make his dream come true. Back at Isshouan, the proprietress is enjoying a leisurely bath when she notices that she’s still wearing her socks.

Aoi Yu was terrific in both of the movies that I've seen her in, looks like she in another winner her. I enjoyed this first episode of the slice of life comedy very much, the characters are interesting, especially the seemingly air headed proprietress who loves to drink and just seems to flow through life, but as we learn later in the episode she’s has a lot more depth than she first appears to have. Another interesting aspect of the show is the large variety of Japanese foods that are presented. If you’re interested in Japan or Japanese cooking this is the show for you. I’d recommend this to fans of slice of life dramas like Antique or Lunch no Joou or anyone looking for a good laugh, it has to be a pretty bad hangover that males you wear your socks into the tub.

Direct download the first episode by eitokickass fansub group here.

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Anonymous P-chan said...

I've been so waiting for this drama *_* Uchi has always been my #1 favorite Johnny boy (and probably will forever be). Glad to see him back in action. I haven't taken a look at this just yet but I can't wait ^^ must stop myself from fangirling to much XD

5/04/2008 05:39:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@p-chanUchi has always been my #1 favorite Johnny boy

This is the first I remember seeing him in a drama, he was in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi which I really liked but only for the first two episodes. Did he play the character all the girls were in love with and then was replaced by Taguchi Junnosuke in the 4th episode?

He's very good in this, at least so far. I really like this drama alot.

5/04/2008 06:24:00 PM  
Anonymous P-chan said...

I don't know about all the girls being in love with himin ikimasshoi... lol but he was the one that anne suzuki's character liked. And yeah Junnosuke took over that character after ep. 2.

I broke my own rule of the month (which is to give up watching dramas so I would work on my cosplay costume) and watched episode 1 of this drama. I think during some scenes he really exaggerated a bit but overall the acting was pretty decent. I think he has a very long ways to go before he can catch up to say his best friend Nishikido Ryo's acting ability. Slowly but surely my dear uchi-kun. He's been away from the entertainment industry for so long... it's a good start for him so far. Just gotta keep up the good work ^_^

5/04/2008 10:02:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@p-chan I don't know about all the girls being in love with himin ikimasshoi

I'm must've just remembered it wrong, it been a while since I saw ikimasshoi, I thought all the girls in the class liked him not just suzuki's character. He was good why was he replaced do you know? He didn't quit like Hana in Den-o did he? I liked him better Junnosuke who always seem to play an aloof character.

Good luck with the Cosplay, lets see some pictures of the costume if your happy with it.

5/05/2008 01:27:00 PM  
Anonymous P-chan said...

Uchi was actually suspended from Johnny's Jimusho after a drinking incident during a NEWS concert tour. He was approached by a reporter who invited him to some celebration party and then gave him an alcoholic beverage. He was still underage at the time. He was pretty much arrested after making a ruckus outside. He was actually lucky that the jimusho didn't kick him out altogether (then P-chan would be very very sad). He was pretty much suspended indefinitely and after about 2 years, there was that glimmer of hope that fans held out for. He was let back in to the jimusho as a trainee (lower than Johnny's Jr.). Yadda yadda... pretty much that was the first step to his comeback ^_^

I definitely liked Uchi in Ikimasshoi than Junno. Nothing against Junno but his acting is a bit... giddy XD too happie happie i guess. Just didn't fit the role totally right.

5/05/2008 03:27:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@P-chan Uchi was actually suspended from Johnny's Jimusho after a drinking incident

The leading character wore her socks into the bath she's so hungover, talk about ironic huh

Actually the Japanese are pretty strict with their entertainers if they screw up, Kumi Koda just got her first commercial after that dumb comment she made in February.

Anways thanks for the info and get back to work on that costume!

5/05/2008 04:45:00 PM  

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