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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Puzzle (2008) パズル Ep3 Screen Caps

The drama opens with a flashback to three years ago, a family is brutally murdered when criminals break into their mansion, they’re slain with samurai swords but one woman leaves a dying message. The scene switches to Misako played by Ishihara Satomi (Hanayome to Papa, Ns' Aoi)’s classroom. She drilling the students on the English word treasure comparing it to the sound alike Japanese word for which, combining the two, which treasure. When she arrives in the teacher’s room, a pot full of tulips are on her desk. She picks them up to throw away, when Omichi the gym teacher arrives telling her that the flowers are from him, a sign of eternal love, she sneaks away while he’s asking her out for expensive French food. Yusuke (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Kamen Rider Kabuto) is in a café with Yuko played by Iwata Sayuri (Yukan Club, Jigoku Shoujo) she explains to Yusuke that this weekend a mystery quiz is being held and asks that he come with her, mentioning a luxury prize. Yusuke is in an empty classroom relating the quiz details to Akira played by Kimura Ryo (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Nodame Cantabile) and Yoshio played by Nagayama Kento when Misako comes in with the tulips, she hands Yusuke the tulips and takes the quiz invitation.

This episode wasn’t as entertaining as the first two, it was centered more on mystery and less on comedy and that hurt it in my opinion. But that’s the inherent problem with random shows some episodes are more interesting and entertaining then others as there’s no central storyline to pull the viewer along. The show is at its best when Misako is either abusing the boys or making like an angel in front of other teachers or the police.

Download the RAW video bit torrent file here, soft subs can be download here.

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OpenID pixiezombie said...

This episode wasn’t as entertaining as the first two, it was centered more on mystery and less on comedy and that hurt it in my opinion.

Unless you happen to be a mystery fan. LOL Considering that's one of my favorite genres and my main reason for watching Puzzle, I loved it!

While Kimi Hannin Janai Yo Ne is a good comedy, it's a lousy mystery series. Puzzle excels at both, primarily because it doesn't prioritize the comedy over the mystery. I think that's as it should be.

None of the puzzles are really fiendish, but this is easily the best teen detective series since the Tsuyoshi Domoto Kindaichi episodes. Small wonder as they use pretty much the same formula with original stories and characters--and less cheese. ;)

5/15/2008 11:50:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@pixiezombie Unless you happen to be a mystery fan.

I actually am a mystery fan, my favorite's are the cozy mysteries that tend to be more about the characters then the actual mystery itself.

I'm interested to know your reaction to episode 4 which I saw last night, I really loved it as it's a return to what I liked best about episodes 2 & 3 but even better.

5/15/2008 02:24:00 PM  

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