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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Change Ep.3 Screen Shots

The episode opens with a re-cap of the previous ones, with Keita played by Kimura Takuya (Pride, Long Vacation) winning the election, then asking Rika played by Fukatsu Eri (Space Travellers, Saiyuuki), to explain to him like he was a fifth grader the complex legislative process. While Minster of Internal Affairs Kanbayashi Masaichi played by Terao Akira (Yasashii Jikan, Casshern) plots with the other ministers about the future of their political party over the welfare of the country, Keita asks Rika if it’s wrong to want to help people while he made the important leaders of his party wait. Rika is upset that a complete beginner might run for party leadership and the position of Prime Minister but Nirasawa played by Abe Hiroshi (Antique, Hero) tells him you never know what’s going to happen in politics. Keita thinks maybe Kanbayashi was drunk and that’s why he proposed such an outrageous scheme. But then they see Kanbayashi on TV stating that his pick for PM will be both young and surprising. Nirasawa seeing that Kanbayashi was serious gets excited and asks Keita if he can manage his campaign, and Hikari played by Kato Rosa (Tokkyu Tanaka San Go, Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 2) is very excited and wants to help out too. Keita however is still undecided.

Terrific episode this show really moves the storyline along, with a mix of politics, humor and behind the scenes power grabbing. Is Kanbayashi really as power hungry as he’s made to appear or does he believe that a young PM can not only save the party but also the country. Rika’s worked for him and truly believes in Kanbayashi, has she been deceived. I’m really interested to see how this plays out.

Download the English hardsub bit torrent file from the tracker here. Screen caps of the first episode are here.

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Blogger Quy said...

It's getting good. I like how they get the story going so it doesn't become draggy. Now the battle starts.

6/05/2008 04:23:00 PM  

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