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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change Ep.4 Screen Shots

Keita played by Kimura Takuya (Pride, Long Vacation) made a connection with the people during his campaign for prime minster in the last episode, and has won the election. The president of the US calls Kanbayashi Masaichi played by Terao Akira (Yasashii Jikan, Casshern) and congratulates him on being the virtual PM. But the press is out interviewing the citizens and office ladies are delighted that Keita won, even a salary man who admits that Keita has little experience gives him high points for charisma that’s been lacking in the previous prime minsters. When he arrives at his office Rika played by Fukatsu Eri (Space Travellers, Saiyuuki) informs him that she’ll be acting as his senior aide, and introduces him to the senior aides that will be working under her direction for him. After the four aides leave Keita asks Rika if they are the bureaucrats. One of the aides used to be her boss when she worked at the Ministry of Finance and that to bureaucrats’ seniority is the most important thing. Keita observes that here she is the superior and when she shows disapproval, he adds that it must be hard. Kanbayashi enters to discuss the appointment of cabinet ministers, for which he’s drawn up list. Keita notes that Kanbayashi will be the Chief Cabinet secretary.

I love this show it’s funny, interesting and even the politics are compelling when Keita works to solve a problem, like in and earlier episode about the man with too many cats. This episode I loved the scene in the washroom when Keita’s washing his hands and security is calling ahead saying he’d done in the washroom. Then Kimura mimes the guard and talks into his watch.

Download the English hardsub bit torrent file from the tracker here. Screen caps of the first episode are here.

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