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Friday, June 06, 2008

Puzzle (2008) パズル Ep6 Screen Caps

The episode starts off ten years in the past as the police and local volunteers chase a criminal to a deserted island. But after a through search the man is not to be found. The scene shifts to the classroom where Misako played by Ishihara Satomi (Hanayome to Papa, Ns' Aoi) is demonstrating her fractured teaching method to remember the English word knee with the Japanese number two, but she gets mad when a student points out that elbows also come in pairs. Later Shinichi played by Yamamoto Yusuke (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Kamen Rider Kabuto), is in the café with the girl from Sakuraba who wants him to attend a grand opening party at a new resort this weekend. He protests that he should study but when she squeezes his hand he readily agrees to go, she wants the boys there because a quiz with a wonderful prize will be held on the final day. Misako pages the three boys during kendo practice and after assuring the coach that everything is ok, she asks them if they had plans to go off with the girls that weekend. When they deny it she tells them that they’ll be helping her this weekend with paperwork. Finally they tell her about the quiz, and then she’s happily smiling during the boat trip to the island.

The women in this show are wicked; the Sakuraba girls are like miniature Misakos, as they easily manipulate the boys into doing whatever they want them to do. That’s why I find the show so amusing, the brilliant boys while understanding they’re being used by Misako have no clue that the girls are doing the same thing to them that Misako does to the coach.

Download the RAW video bit torrent file here, soft subs can be download here. Screen shots of the previous episodes are here.

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