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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Ancient Dogoo Girl

from Wikipedia

The Ancient Dogoo Girl (古代少女ドグちゃん Kodai Shōjo Doguchan?, "Ancient Girl Dogu-chan") is a Japanese comedy tokusatsu series directed by Noboru Iguchi, director of The Machine Girl and RoboGeisha. The show airs on MBS every Wednesday night at 25:25 JST. The ending theme is Denki Groove's "Dareda!" (誰だ!?).

In October 2010, Dogoo Girl will premeire its sequel Ancient Girl Squad Dogoon 5 (古代少女隊ドグーンⅤ Kodai Shōjotai Dogūn Faibu?). The show will add five more Dogoo Girls portrayed by Misaki Momose, Rina Takeda, Minase Nomoto (of Idoling!!!), Maria Yoshikawa, and Haruka Dan.[1]

The Plot

By chance, a hikikomori named Makoto Sugihara finds a strange breastplate buried in the woods. When he places his palm on the breast plate, its design gets burned into his palm while the action awakens a girl named Dogu-chan, a hyperactive yōkai hunter from the Jōmon period. Because he had touched her breastplate, Makoto is now bound to Dogu-chan as she adapts to modern day life, fighting yōkai in magic armor formed by her dogū assistant Dokigoro while slowly prying Makoto out of his shell as he is dragged into her misadventures, whether he likes it or not.

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